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  • v3.7.0 has been released. It is compatible with Mathematica 13 and contains new symmetry functions. Go to downloads for the software and further information on updates.
  • Video tutorials on SpinDynamica have been released by ANZMAG on YouTube. Thanks to ANZMAG!
  • #SpinDynamica is on Twitter! Thanks to Mohamed and Laurynas!

Quick links

SpinDynamica v3.7.1 is here!

Download SDv3.7.1 here. This release includes: Compatibility with Mathematica version 13.1. i.e. conflict between the SpinDynamica BlockDiagonalMatrix symbol and the Mathematica symbol of the same name has been resolved Compatibility with Mathematica version 13.0 remains.

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Warning! SpinDynamica 3.6.x with Mathematica v13

Erroneous results have been reported when using SpinDynamica v3.6.x with Mathematica version 13. This is very surprising behaviour since Mathematica should be backwards compatible. This has been pinned down to a surprising inconsistency in the handling of SparseArray objects between Mathematica versions 12 and 13.  A bug report has been submitted to SpinDynamica v3.7 …

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