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SpinDynamica 3.3.2

SpinDynamica 3.3.2 has been released. Eigenbasis now takes TargetBasis as an optional argument. The calculated Eigenbasis and TargetBasis are aligned as closely as possible. This is useful for controlling the ordering of the basis kets in the Eigenbasis and also for adiabatic calculations. Some bug fixes and speed improvements to the basis construction of spins with …

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SpinDynamica 3.3.1

SpinDynamica 3.3.1 has been released. –The recent SpinDynamica update introduced some problems with WignerD. This bug has been fixed now. –The functionality of CorrelatedEigensystems has been extended. CorrelatedEigensystems now supports Liouvillians and arbitrary sets of matrices. –The usage messages for CorrelatedEigensystems and Adiabatic routines were not informative enough. The usage messages have been expanded and explicit examples are now given. …

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