• v2.11.1 has been released. Includes important new features, bug fixes and speed enhancements. See downloads.

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SpinDynamica 2.11.1 released

SpinDynamica v2.11.1 has been released. See downloads. This release contains significant new features such as ProductKet, ProductBra and ProductBasis, and also important new functionality for Signal1D. Major speed improvements have been obtained for some calculations.  

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Spectrum of 133Cs in an inhomogeneous gel

The routine EnsembleAverage may be used to generate arbitrary distributions of nuclear spin interactions. In an example posted on the forum, I used EnsembleAverage to generate the spectrum of 133Cs (I=7/2) in an inhomogeneous gel. The same notebook includes a simulation of quadrupolar echoes in spin-7/2 with curious fractional timings.

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