Feb 26

SpinDynamica 3.1.0 with a couple of new features!

SpinDynamica 3.1.0 has been released.

A couple of new features have been added to the new version of SpinDynamica.

-SpinDynamica now supports dedicated routines for the analysis of adiabatic transformations:

1. CorrelatedEigensystems – This new routine allows the analysis of the correlation between spin-states and the corresponding change in eigenvalues as a function of the adiabatic parameter. Some examples of this new routine may be found in part-11 (adiabaticity) of the documentation.

2. PropagationMethod (Adiabatic) PropagationMethod is a new optional argument for time-dependent events. Using Adiabatic as the PropagationMethod will trigger special treatment of the time-dependent event within the adiabatic approximation. Again examples of this new feature may be found in part-11 (adiabaticity) of the documentation.

Adiabatic propagation schemes consider dynamic phase, as well as abelian geometric phase contributions. Non-Abelian geometric phase contributions are currently not supported.

TransformationAmplitudeTable now supports more than two parameters.

MaximumTransformationAmplitude has been renamed to TransformationAmplitudeBounds and now returns upper and lower transformation bounds.

-Two new superoperator objects have been introduced, the LeftMultiplicationSuperoperator and RightMultiplicationSuperoperator. As the name suggests they multiply their operator argument from the left and right, respectively.

-The function OptimalBipartiteGraphMatching has been added and represents SpinDynamica’s implementation of the Hungarian Algorithm.

-Some further speed-improvements to Liouville-Basis-Set construction have been implemented.

-Several user-reported bugs have been fixed in this new version.

-As already mentioned the documentation has been slightly extend to now include part-10 (polarization) and part-11 (adiabaticity).

The examples files have been updated to be compatible with the new version.

The code for the new version may be downloaded here or in the Download section.

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