Oct 08

SpinDynamica 3.2.1

SpinDynamica 3.2.1 has been released.

-SpinDynamica now allows for a user specified level of error-trapping via UserLevel. A high degeree of error trapping tends to slow down execution speed. UserLevel may be used to reduce the amount of error trapping leading to improved execution speed for some routines.

-SpinDynamica now contains the new routine MaximizeTransformationAmplitude. MaximizeTransformationAmplitude may be used to numerically optimize a certain TransformationAmplitude. The TransformationAmplitude is optimized for a set of parameters which may be subjected to constraints.

Several bug fixes, most importantly related to the COMPUTE algorithm. These were mainly caused by the new array handling schemes in Mathematica 11, but the fixed should be compatible with earlier version of Mathematica.


The code for the new version may be downloaded here or in the Download section.

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