Feb 08

SpinDynamica v3.7.0 is here!

Go to Downloads. This new version includes (functions are in bold):


  • Further bug fixes
  • Compatible with Mathematica 13


  • SpinPermutationGroup and related features
    • Handling of arbitrary spin permutation groups
    • SpinPermutationOperators are now represented symbolically following cycle notation
    • Products of SpinPermutationOperators are now evaluated symbolically following cycle notation
  • SymmetryAdaptedBasis
    • Construction of symmetry-adapted spin states for arbitrary spin permutation groups
  •  LieAlgebra
    • Construction of a Lie algebra corresponding to a generating set of operators
  • Commutant
    • calculation of the commutant for a set of operators
  • Bicommutant
    • Calculation of the bicommutant for a set of operators
  • DualPairing
    • Determines pairings for the irreducible representations of Sn and SO(3) (considered as a subgroup of SU(2l + 1)^n) as suggested by the Schur-Weyl duality theorem

Extensive new documentation has been added under part 12 describing all new features in detail including several worked examples.

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