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Aug 21

First publication on SpinDynamica

Our first article on SpinDynamica has just been accepted for publication: DOI 10.1002/mrc.4642 Thanks to Christian Bengs for helping write this article! Please cite this article if you published results obtained with SpinDynamica!

Jul 26

LLS relaxation in CH2D groups

SpinDynamica is used to treat the relaxation of long-lived singlet order in monodeuterated methyl groups and uses an effective CH2D geometry to explain experimentally observed results. Download the paper and the SpinDynamica notebook.

Jan 19

SpinDynamica used for parahydrogen simulations

In a recently accepted JACS paper, Russ Bowers and co-workers investigate parahydrogen reactions on nanoparticles, using 6-spin-1/2 SpinDynamica simulations. See:

Jul 24

Preparing Long-lived singlet order

DeVience, Walsworth and Rosen have used SpinDynamica to develop a new method for generating long-lived nuclear singlet order, and to plot the trajectories of the spin operators during the pulse sequence. See

Apr 22

Overtone 14N NMR

Andreas Brinkmann has used SpinDynamica to simulate 14N overtone NMR. See