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Dec 14

SpinDynamica 3.5.0 is here!

This release includes the introduction of the Lindbladian superoperator, refreshed documentation, further debugging. Go to Downloads… enjoy.

Sep 10


#SpinDynamica is now on Twitter! Thanks to Laurynas Dagys and Mohamed Sabba.

Jun 16

SpinDynamica video tutorials

ANZMAG (The Australia-New Zealand Magnetic Resonance society) recorded a series of videos on SpinDynamica by Malcolm Levitt. They have kindly made these available on YouTube.

Aug 21

SpinDynamica administration

Welcome to Christian Bengs who has taken over administration over this site. Christian has already done a lot of excellent coding as part of our new release of SpinDynamica (v3.0.1) and our first SpinDynamica publication. It’s great to have his help! So many thanks to Christian, and enjoy the new version of SpinDynamica! Malcolm

Mar 18


The new symbol PolarizationOperator may be used to calculate the polarization level of a spin ensemble and has been posted as an Add-On:

Mar 10


On request, the popular Mathematica code CandRsymmetries has been resurrected as a new SpinDynamica add-on called SymmetryBasedRecouplingAnalysis. It may be found under AddOns or here.

Feb 05

SpinDynamica on Wolfram Blog

Q & A with Malcolm Levitt on Wolfram Blog: here

Mar 26

Spin 1 Pake pattern

SpinDynamica code: Pake.nb

Jan 28

Visit SpinDynamics Forum

Visit our SpinDynamics Forum for more examples.


Malcolm Levitt on his landmark article about Composite Pulse.

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