The SpinDynamica add-on package SymmetryBasedRecouplingAnalysis is now available.

This is a requested reworking of the older CandRsymmetries notebook which is used to analyze selection rules and scaling factors of symmetry-based recoupling sequences in solid-state NMR.

The authors are Andreas Brinkmann and Malcolm Levitt.

To use the add-on install the SymmetryBasedRecouplingAnalysis package and consult the Examples.nb file. You will need to add the location of the SymmetryBasedRecouplingAnalysis package to $Path within Mathematica, as shown in the  Examples.nb file.

Note that SpinDynamica versions 2.14.2 and lower generate a harmless error message on launching the package. This message may be ignored. The fault will be removed on later SpinDynamica versions.

Usage messages should be addressed to Andreas Brinkmann in the first instance.

Malcolm Levitt, 10 march 2016.